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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Booking / Cancelling courts

Dear Member This email is to highlight the rules around the booking and cancelling of squash courts at Horsham Squash Club, bringing more clarity to the action that will be taken by the Committee in the event of breaches of the rules. From 15th September 2015 the following aspects of the club Constitution will come into effect: HORSHAM SQUASH CLUB CONSTITUTION Section 12: Procedures for Booking/Cancelling Squash Courts Paragraph 3 A members booking status will be reverted to non-member status for a period of 10 days if they have a total of 5 cancelled courts within 24 hours or no shows or a combination of the two, during a calendar month. Paragraph 4 Persistent abuse of any of the booking procedures may lead to disciplinary action being taken against the person concerned This rule is being highlighted in response to the following breaches observed by club members and raised as complaints to the committee: 1. Cancelling courts at short notice 2. Booking courts and failing to turn up 3. Booking courts for other members to use 4. Using other members details to book courts for your own use 5. Failing to list an opponent for a court booking (in the event of having no opponent, members should list themselves as the opponent) Peak time courts are extremely popular with all members and we’d like everyone to have the opportunity to access the courts at this time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of the Committee Yours sincerely Adam Donoghue Horsham Squash Club Honorary Secretary

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